Eileen Bolton

Eileen has worked in a number of educational institutions including a variety of primary schools in Newcastle and two of the local universities. As a Deputy Headteacher for a primary school in a deprived area Eileen enjoyed the many challenges and successes the role brought. Eileen has also been involved in visiting local schools to audit Key Stage 1 SATs. Her involvement in universities included developing school-based training for trainee teaching students and became the link tutor with Northumbria, Newcastle and Sunderland Universities for students on the BA and PGCE teaching courses. A great believer in continuous personal development and continuing her own personal studies she has also achieved certificates for Mentoring and Assessing Students from Lancaster University; National Professional Studies for Headship and Masters in Education from Newcastle University.


The Chair of Governors can be contacted via Rebecca Tills, the Clerk to Governors at rebecca.tills@laidlawschoolstrust.com, Laidlaw Schools Trust, Suite 2, 3rd Floor, St Nicholas Building, St Nicholas’ Street, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 1RF or 0191 6622 416.